80-20 Program
An opportunity with purpose

80-20 Program

The U.S. Economy Has Changed Forever. Employee and Employer relationships have changed. Employers are always looking out for their bottom line and to the employees are nothing more than a number, a means to the end

Most IT professionals don’t get their due. This story is an oft-repeated day in and day out

An IT professional gives his best to the project, the company makes a great profit because of the project but the IT professional sees no tangible benefit in their situation

Although the company where the IT professional works may make millions and billions in profit but the IT professional is probably only making around $80-90 k per year and perhaps a small bonus at the end of the year

QIS has decided to change this relationship and make it fairer for the employee. We believe that IT Professional needs to get their due. And we are doing this by giving you the IT professional an amazing employment program in which we have pegged a certain portion of your earnings to what we earn Which for example can end up meaning if we are charging $100/hr for your services to the Client, you are getting paid up to $70-80/hr as your share

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