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Staffing Service

Consulting – QIS provides staff or consulting contractors on a time and material basis

DBA Service

Our DBA support service offers a full range of IT Support Services on a consulting, contracting.

Data Science / ML-AI

High-quality large data set are very important for improving the training and measurement.


Smart Solutions for Complex Challenges

Right Method to Assess

Companies trust recruiting agencies in India like us to evaluate candidates scientifically using ...

Right Jobs, Right People

We understand your hiring philosophy and are perfectly placed to undertake all your recruitment and ...

Focus on ROI to Employer

We are proud to provide ROI-based recruiting solutions to meet all your hiring needs. Our RPO solutions are ...

Attracting the Best Talent

We understand the role context and advertise in online and offline channels to attract the ...

Experienced Insights

We undertake recruitment outsourcing services, which equips us to understand clearly challenges faced by ...

Scale of Operations

As one of the top staffing agencies in USA & India with branch offices located in USA & india ...

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QIS provides superior consulting and IT services to clients globally
combining knowledgeable resources and flexible technologies to offer high-quality,
low-cost products, and services. We maximize the value of new technology to
exploit business opportunities by integrating solid business experience with creative
new applications.

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  • WEB DEVELOPMENT / Full Stack development 90% 90%
  • DBA SERVICES 67% 67%
  • Data Science / ML-AI 82% 82%



The Quality IT source company is a very professional company. company has strong network and job resources. They had regular communication and follow-up with me. I am very grateful to QIS Company and hope that company will grow stronger in the future and continue to help more people to find their dream positions!

Qiu Yang

Very good opportunities available with consistent support from the entire team. Smooth onboarding, proactively checking on project progress and competitive salary paid on time. Very friendly and helpful team that only wants the best for you and to be successful. Thank you for the opportunities.


As an employee at Quality IT Source , my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. From day one, I've been welcomed into a supportive and inclusive environment where collaboration and innovation are celebrated. I am grateful for the opportunities for growth, the supportive work environment, and the meaningful relationships I've built along the way. It's a place where I feel valued, challenged, and inspired to continue making a positive impact.


Right from smooth and quicker onboarding, timely salary credit, positive work environment, I have smooth working experience. I was assigned my skillset matching project and Quality ITSOURCE proactively engaged with end client for all work and concerns that I had and when required. I will recommend this company to any aspiring professional who are looking for desperate career growth


QualityITSource has track record of excellence, coupled with their commitment to understanding and fulfilling client needs, makes them an invaluable partner. Their proactive approach, innovative solutions, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction ensure that working with them is not just beneficial but also a transformative experience for your organization. With Quality IT Source by your side, you can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, driving growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage


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Creating Opportunities for Growth and Success

We maximize the value of new technology to exploit business opportunities by integrating solid business experience with creative new applications. we bring innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies into the business of customers

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we only hire top grade workers
who are skilled, dedicated, and

Target Audience

Whether you need workers we have a diverse pool of talent to meet your specific needs.

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We value their skills, experiences and are committed to investing in their growth and development.
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